Best Stylish Workout Equipment for Home Gym

Stylish Workout Equipment for Home Gym - Feminine Fitness

If you are just getting into working out, or have been doing it for years… you may not like the traditional men-focused mats, weights, and treadmills. Especially if you are decorating or furnishing your cute, girly home gym! If you want pink, or something gold and silver that is pleasing to the eye and will give you the best workout… you have come to the right place! I am rounding up the best stylish workout equipment for home gyms and cheap fitness equipment for at-home gyms that are feminine, cute, and girly!

Best Stylish Workout Equipment for Home Gym

Weights and Dumbbells

Stylish Workout Equipment for Home Gym - Chic and Feminine

If you are trying to gain some muscle, but want your space to look good while doing it then try these pink weights and dumbbells! They have hundreds of four star ratings and are constantly on sale!

Ankle and Bracelet Weights

Chic At Home Gym Equipment

These resistance bands are some of Amazon’s best stylish workout equipment for home gyms that is feminine, chic, and cute! Each link is removable to adjust the heaviness! When sweating, they are easy to clean and are waterproof and anti-sweat.

Best Stylish Workout Equipment for At-Home Gyms
Resistance Bands

Girly Resistance Bands

Both sets of these resistance bands can be used seamlessly with various workout programs for general exercise, stretching, strength training, and weights. Peach Bands is well known for helping women build the booty they have always wanted!

Chic At Home Gym Equipment
Stationary Bike

Stylish Workout Equipment for Home Gym

This is such a cute pink stationary bike that is the best stylish home gym equipment for your space! It folds to save room, comes with resistance bands, and has sixteen settings!

Stair Stepper, Stepping Machine

Pink Stepping Machines

If you were Barbie, you would have this stair stepper. With over 2,500 five star reviews, this is perfect for while you are working on the computer or watching television. It builds quads, calves, and a booty!

Stylish Workout Equipment for Home Gym
Exercise Ball

Pink Exercise Ball

This exercise ball has over 13,000 five star reviews. Users have rated it top notch for pilates, yoga, or general flexibility. It doesn’t hurt that is comes in a bunch of girly and chic colors too!


Stylish Workout Equipment for Home Gym

This treadmill is another five star stylish workout equipment for a home gym! It has three options for incline, in addition to the ability to fold up for easy storage. For under $500, this is a great option that looks chic and girly, but still gets you sweating!

Pink Yoga Mat

Pink Yoga Mat

This extra thick yoga mat is great for yoga, pilates, or general exercise. It comes with straps for easy carrying when heading out. It has over 73,000 reviews (five star), so that tells you something!

Girly Workout Equipment for Home Gym
Ab Rollers

Ab Roller

Spencer loves using his ab rollers, and the fact that I can get one in pink is awesome! You will quickly see a transformation in your ab, biceps, and more when you use it daily! These are one of my favorite stylish at home gym equipment that are pink, chic, feminine, and girly!

Boxing Gloves

Stylish Workout Equipment for Home Gym

Ready to get physical (well, just while working out? These are perfect for sparring or punching a bag! They are durable polyurethane that won’t rip and will last years.

Stylish Workout Equipment for Home Gym
Push Up Bar and Core Training

Core Training

Whether you are looking to strengthen your core or your biceps, these push up bars and core training stations are perfect for building muscles.

Core Sliders

Stylish Workout Equipment for Home Gym

These slides are small but mighty! Synergee Core Sliders are perfect for fun and challenging workouts, introducing balance and stability into your routine.

As you can see, you can easily update or add stylish home gym equipment that is chic, feminine, and girly. Which of these is your favorite? Do you use any? Share your comments with me below!

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