Best Amazon Kitchen Hacks and Gadgets

Best Amazon Kitchen Hacks and Cool Gadgets

Alright, it’s the New Year and I want to transform my kitchen into a fun, easy room to be in. I started following a few Tik Tok-ers to led me to find the COOLEST items for my kitchen. These gadgets make life so much easier and make my kitchen less stressful. Naturally, I am not going to keep these finds a secret. So, I have found the best Amazon kitchen hacks and cool gadgets or tools you need for your home that make life easier.

Best Amazon Kitchen Hacks and Gadgets

Kitchen Sink Squeegee and Countertop Brush, $9

Cool Amazon Kitchen Hacks

This counter squeegee is one of the best Amazon kitchen hacks. It hangs nicely on your sink, and can easily wipe crumbs away or squeeze water off the counter without wasting a paper towel.

Blade Brush Knife Cleaner

Best Amazon Kitchen Gadgets and Cool Hacks

Never fear cutting your hands or fingers while cleaning your sharp knives again! This blade brush cleaner is perfect for washing non-dishwasher safe knives SAFELY.

Amazon Kitchen Hacks and Cool Gadgets
Food Chopper with Cutting Board Attachment

Cutting Board Scissors

These scissors are another smart best Amazon kitchen hack. You can easily cut and chop fruits and veggies with an attached cutting board on one blade. Wow!

Snap and Strain Strainer

Best Amazon Kitchen Gadgets and Cool Hacks

Forget the days of spilling pasta while trying to strain the water. This adjustable silicon straining cup clips to the side of any pan and easily drains the water. It is dishwasher and heat safe!

Best Amazon Kitchen Hacks and Cool Gadgets
Stove Counter Gap Cover

Stove Gap Cover

I absolutely HATE when food falls in between the stove and countertops. You can never pull the food out and it literally rots back there… ew! Now, these strips are customizable to fit in between the crack to prevent any food spillages. Another best Amazon kitchen hacks you need to hack messes.

Vegetable Chopper and Spiralizer

Best Amazon Kitchen Gadgets and Cool Hacks

I hate chopping veggies and cannot get them small enough or event enough. I just pop the onion in and push down to chop safely and easier!

As you can see, there are so many best kitchen gadgets and cool hacks that will make your life easier! These ones have transformed my kitchen, I swear. Do you have any favorites?

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