Pantene Pro-V Miracle Rescue Collection… Ready for More Self-Care

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Pantene Pro-V Miracle Rescue Collection

t’s been over 9 months since lockdown began, and I am #ReadyForMore… self-care! There are a few products that I incorporate in my self-care routine, for hair, nails, skin, and of course, mental health. Self-care fuels your inner and outer being to be the best you! Today, I want to highlight my new routine that keeps my hair shiny and nourished, thanks to Pantene Pro-V’s Miracle Rescue Collection!

I have had my hair chemically treated in the past, and even though I no longer do it… the damage is still evident. Two items from the collection, the Miracle Rescue Conditioning Treatment and Intense Rescue Shot, even repair signs of damage as well as a $60 treatment! The Pantene Pro-V Miracle Rescue Collection is absolutely incredible! It reverses past damage and trauma, leaving my hair shiny, soft, and frizz-free!

Pantene Pro-V Miracle Rescue Collection

Step-By-Step Tutorial

First step: Rinse your hair and coat from the scalp down to near the ends with the Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo.

Second Step: Combine the Miracle Moisture Mix-In to your favorite Pantene conditioner for the perfect damaged hair treatment. Condition and rinse as usual. With Pantene’s signature pro-vitamin B5, moisturizing lipids and avocado oil, this is perfect for those days when your hair needs more moisture! 

Third Step: When your hair is in need of a deep conditioning treatment at home, use the Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment. Leave on for 2-3 minutes, and then rinse. I use this 2-3x per week. However, this product can be used with every wash thanks to its powerful dose of moisture that is also light-weight on my hair. 

Here is a list of the whole Pantene Pro-V Miracle Rescue Collection: 
– Miracle Rescue Conditioning Treatment
– Miracle Moisture Mix-In
– Miracle Moisture Multitasking 10 in 1 Spray
– Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shots

Pantene Pro-V Miracle Rescue Collection

The Miracle Rescue Intense Rescue Shot is great at preventing split ends. It’s also perfect at repairing hair after significant damage! 

Pantene Pro-V Miracle Rescue Collection

My hair has really benefited from the switch to Pantene! I love that their products are affordable, yet give me salon-quality results. You can find Pantene’s new Miracle Rescue Collection available January 2021! 

So I want to ask each of you.. are you #ReadyForMore self-care? And are you ready to include Pantene’s new Miracle Rescue Collection?

Pantene Pro-V Miracle Rescue Collection

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