Self-Care Starts with Oral Hygiene and LISTERINE® MouthWash

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I like to think that self-care is a necessary part of my daily routine. Sometimes that includes a hair mask, an at-home manicure, or just some TLC reading by the fire. Whatever I decide to include in my self-care routine for the day, I ALWAYS brush my teeth, floss, and use LISTERINE® products – because oral hygiene is the first step in my self-care routine (no matter what day it is).

I sit down, put on my comfy clothes, a headband to keep my hair back, light some candles, and start my self-care remedy!

LISTERINE® recently launched two new products at Walmart –LISTERINE® Coconut + Lime Blend Mouthwash and and Let’s talk fresh breathe some more… and why I chose these two amazing products! LISTERINE® Green Tea + Mint Blend Mouthwash. These flavors are so unique and fun – not to mention refreshingly different from the normal mint mouthwashes you find out your local store. You can indulge your senses while freshening your breath, with an alcohol-free formula that contains four essential oils to kill up to 99% of bad breath germs. Also, it is made with zero alcohol for a less intense taste! These two featured mouthwashes have a limited edition botanically-inspired flavor blend, so stock up!


Sometimes, I don’t want an intense mint-flavor that is overpowering and makes my eyes water. But these two flavors are so unique and delicious (do not swallow) – they are perfect to mix up your mouthwash game, while still getting the same results. Clean, healthy, fresh breathe! You can find both of these products at your local Walmart retailer! I ordered them online – quick and easy for pickup at my local store.



Everyone’s self care routine is different – but it should always include special attention to oral hygiene. I want to feel good from the inside-out. Mind, body, soul, and especially my breath. So what are you waiting for? Get your self-care routine on with LISTERINE® mouthwash and get your fresh breath on!!



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