Best Billie Razors and Shaving Kit Review

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Billie Razors

I jumped on the shaving blogger bandwagon real quick as soon as everyone started talking about Billie razors – so here is the best Billie Razor review!

Best Billie Razors Review

When it comes to razors and self-care, I have always used some generic brand from the local drugstore. But even the generic ones run me $20+!

I immediately was intrigued to try out their Smooth Operator gift set, that includes the razor, magnetic holder, 4 blades, shaving cream, and body lotion. You then get 4 blade refills for $9 with free shipping – pick how often you want them delivered (monthly for me)!! This is literally genius!

Billie razors

Billie is truly an amazing brand, not only for it’s PR-savviness, but also for the quality of their razors. They glide effortlessly over your skin, including the curvy and sensitive areas like your knees or bikini line. No knicks! I really love the lotion-y part around the blades that adds that extra hydration your skin needs after a close shave. Also, I love the magnetic holder for easy access in you shower too!

Billie Razors

I would highly recommend Billie razors to anyone who is looking to shave cheaper and less often! You can support a company that is well-versed and dedicated to self-care. They offer a range of products that will keep your skin hair-free and hydrated.

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