No Time to Let Periods Stop Me. Period. Midol.


TAKING BACK MY PERIOD WITH MIDOL. PERIOD. I’ve partnered with Midol® Complete to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own.

Most of you know, I am one busy babe. I hustle at my corporate job, while dedicating my evenings to Sonia Begonia. I just cannot take a day off. Not to mention, I have many hobbies and activities that I enjoy on the weekends, such as girls-night-out, coffee with mom, hikes with bae, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. When I get my period, I struggle with sticking to my routine and being as productive as the other three weeks out of the month. My cramps act up, my back aches, and frankly, my head can pound as hard as a bongo. A typical day on my period is sitting in bed, under the covers, with a warm water bottle on my lower stomach (sounds so fun, right?). It’s not.

The Solution: Midol ® Complete

There is a silver lining here, because recently I discovered Midol® Complete. And they are here to help me. Midol® Complete is on a mission to help women have better periods. Within an hour my cramps begin to fade away and my pain level decreases tremendously. Sonia is back in business. I can jump on my computer, head out for errands, or simply lounge without the emotional and physical challenges that come with my period. During those five days of my period, whenever the pain gets to be too much, I take one dose of Midol® Complete.Voila, I am set! Midol® Complete is always in my handbag, on my desk at work, and readily accessible in my medicine cabinet. Ladies, give Midol® Complete a go. Get your free sample from Midol NOW(while supplies last)! Because, we have no time to let periods stop us. Like, period.

**Please note, I am writing about my personal experience with Midol® Complete. Midol®Complete is not for everyone. Triple check the dosing and be sure you are taking the safe dosage for your age, weight, etc.
*Use as directed
*Fans must be over 18 to claim a sample.
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