Be Your Own Valentine Because You Deserve It

Be Your Own Valentine

Valentines Day … Ahhh. The most romantic day of the year, where corporations like Hallmark and 1-800 Flowers make 75% of their yearly revenue. It must rock to be them on Valentines Day. But what if you’re single … and while that day should make you see red, you’re actually feeling a little blue? It’s time that you learn to be your own Valentine!

How to Be Your Own Valentine

Flashback to middle school, 2002 to be exact. At ten years old, I was worried about “my crush” sending me a handwritten Bugs Bunny card. I didn’t even know what a Valentine meant, yet I wanted one! Every year thereafter, I kept wishing for one. Fast forward fourteen years, and I still find myself hoping I will open up my front door and find roses lining the driveway (a girl can dream can’t she)? Why? As human beings, we need validation. We need to know we are loved. Remember, no one can truly love you, until you learn to love you first.

This February 14th, I want you to embrace being your own Valentine. Romance yourself. While most of your friends are paying for overpriced seafood, or crammed into a crowded theatre (okay there is some cynicism here), spend the night at home. Roses and love notes are not just for couples, give them to yourself! Go get that perm you have always wanted and heck, take yourself out for a nice dinner solo (or DoorDash in something good). Spend the night with close friends in a V-day dress and gab about old times. Do all that makes your heart fill with joy, do whatever makes you feel fabulous – because you are.

Remember To Think of Others Too

Just because you are your own Valentine, does not give you the right to forget about everyone else. The day is about showing and spreading love, so that is exactly what you must do. Write a letter of gratitude to an unsung hero or an old friend. Volunteer or babysit co-workers’ children so they can enjoy a romantic night out. Drop off your old clothes at a local church or shelter. Take advantage of the fact that “love is in the air” and make other people feel special. You are special. They are special. We are all special.

The more you love yourself, the more you will be able to love others, and the happier you will be.

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