You’ll Be Sorry, Revenge the Right Way

Get Revenge the Right Way

When someone says ‘You’ll be sorry’, it’s never a good thing. NEVER. It’s an open threat to retaliate and seek revenge on some poor soul. Run! ‘You’ll be sorry’…. She says to the boyfriend who left her. ‘You’ll be sorry’…. She says to the best friend who betrayed her. ‘You’ll be sorry’….He says to the co-worker who steps on others. ‘You’ll be sorry’… He says to the father who doesn’t believe in him. Introducing… getting revenge the right way. Cue the Despicable Me minions and evil laughter.

Ok, now wait. We have all experienced a desire for revenge – unless you are a space alien (I’ve yet to meet one). The thought of getting even with someone who hurt or betrayed you seems as satisfying as your favorite nachos (but in reality, messier and probably not a good idea after 10pm). Frankly, it’s delicious to think that the other person may understand the pain they have caused you and the repercussions of their bad behavior.

In reality, scientists say the need to get even is wired in our genes, but that following through with it does not make us feel any better than fantasizing about it. Do you hear that, ladies and gentlemen?! True revenge does not chemically satisfy us. Thus, getting even is almost as unhealthy and useless as sitting back, wallowing, and doing nothing.

Does this mean revenge is out of the question? Absolutely not. You should take revenge, but not the kind you might be used to. (Tone down your evil smile and put away the hatchet, I see you over there).

Get Revenge the Right Way

Next time you are wronged, I fully permit you to sit there for 30 seconds and fantasize about the craziest revenge scenario (mine would probably be throwing red wine on a girlfriend’s white dress – not impressive I know), and then turn it off. Take a breath and tell yourself, this negative energy is not worth my time.

That’s it? How do you get revenge then? Get revenge the right way. The healthy way. Realize that living your best life is the best revenge. Success in mind, body, and soul is the best revenge. Unwavering happiness is the best revenge. Loving yourself and loving others is the best revenge. Taking all that negative energy focused towards their misery and morphing it into positive energy is the best revenge.

Next time you say or think ‘You’ll be sorry,’ remember it’s not about spray painting their car, or making sure their kid loses to yours in soccer. You’ll be sorry’ should not be a competition of pain.

In reality, ‘you’ll be sorry’ should be about warning the others that the energy they spent on trying to harm you will have no effect on your own positivity. ‘You’ll be sorry’ should be the reminder that the energy they spent on hurting you, could have been spent on furthering their own success. Betrayal and disrespect will not phase you.

Live an incredible life. Seek the beauty in others. And when you cannot find it, rub some of yours off on them. Be vengeful with success and get even with a smile, a warm heart, and a soul that can not be hardened.

So remember, the most satisfying revenge is success, happiness, and peace within.

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