How to Make an Artificial Flower Wall for Beginners

How to make artificial and fake flower walls for beginners from Amazon.

Spencer and I had the BEST proposal, all thanks to the backdrop he created. He and his three brothers got together one weekend and cranked out this gorgeous 8 foot wall, made of fake flowers from Amazon! If you are just starting your DIY project, all you need is a few materials. The main material is the flower panels, which I will show you below. Learn how to make an artificial flower wall backdrop for cheap for DIY weddings, and bridal showers. The portable fake floral wall is cute!

How to Make an Artificial Flower Wall for Beginners


An artificial flower wall made of floral panels from Amazon.

These artificial flower wall panels are full, vibrant, and look just like real thing! The seller use the most realistic faux flowers to catch everyone’s attention at your event! A perfect mix of neutral pink and white for a wedding, bridal shower, or birthday.

How to Make an Articial Flower Wall Cheap

Faux flower panels to make an artificial flower wall.

Okay, so how do you make one? Use these! I adore the colors in this faux floral wall panel, especially for a wedding! These easily attach to one another with zip ties and can tie to backdrop stand, hooks, or staple guns. You can also attach them to any surface, such as a foam board, wood board, dry wall, or concrete wall.

How to Make an Artificial Flower Wall
For Bridal Parties, Baby Showers

How to make a DIY flower wall with Amazon floral panels.

These panels also contain non-toxic soft polyester. With high color saturation, it looks just like real roses. Thanks to their artificiality, you don’t have to worry about their long-term care.

Did this help you learn how to make an artificial flower wall backdrop that are cheap for weddings or bridal parties. Let me know your thoughts!

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The best flower wall proposal using a fake flower wall that says Marry Me.

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