Best Bloggers with Anxiety and Influencers With Depression

Influencers and Bloggers with Anxiety and Depression, Mental Health Advocates

Being a blogger is hard. Being a human being is hard. I absolutely love when influencers open up about what goes on behind the camera and off the gram. Mental health is such a prevalent epidemic right now, and it’s so critical that mental health bloggers share their stories and support others by sharing their journey. Because, you should know, you are not alone. So, I have rounded up the best mental health content creators and best bloggers with anxiety disorders and influencers with depression. These ladies share the struggles, the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Best Bloggers with Anxiety and Influencers With Depression


Anxious Mom Bloggers

Mireya is a mental health influencer and blogger with anxiety who shares her journey navigating motherhood. She also hosts a podcast titled, Mothering Anxiety, which is a real-look at what it’s like to be an anxious mama.

“I realized that many people who deal with Mental Illnesses aren’t willing to talk about it. There’s this stigma that if you deal with a mental health illness, you’re broken and no one will understand you. I want to be that person to tell you that I DO understand you and you are not alone. I am here to speak up for you and tell your story for you.” – Mireya Lopez

Bloggers with Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Instagram vs. Reality mental health

One of the next best bloggers with anxiety suffers from mental health disorders is myself, @soniabegoniablog. While my feed is full of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, I make sure to dedicate several posts per month to discuss my mental health. I suffer from general anxiety disorder and panic disorder. You can read my full story here.

“For those of you who roll their eyes at the thought of someone feeling “anxious” – know that anxiety IS real and it can paralyze you. I hope this story is relatable to those of you who have been temporarily debilitated by an anxiety disorder. I want you to know that there is hope – you are not alone. Do not be afraid of the stigma that comes along with any mental illness – speak up and share your story! Get medicated if you must. We share our struggles and successes from physical diseases, but when it comes to mental health, the fear of embarrassment hinders any opportunity for inspiration, community, and hope.” – Sonia Begonia

Bloggers and Influencers with Depression

Bloggers with Depression

Sofia is one of my close friends! She is a mental health blogger and influencer with depression who lives in my hometown! She is such an inspiration to all mental health activists, as she openly battles with depression. You can come to her page to find support, tips on managing depressive symptoms, and most importantly, to be reminded you are not alone.

“I just want you to know that behind pretty photos and uplifting content, there is a woman who is exhausted, terrified, and ashamed – but she is also strong, courageous, and open. These things can co-exist within me and they co-exist within you too.” – Sofia

Top Influencers with Anxiety Disorders

Influencers with Anxiety Disorders

Erin is another local mental health influencer and blogger with anxiety disorders in the Bay Area. She calls herself an anxiety warrior (which I love). She has always been extremely open about her mental health, while balancing mom-life and fashion!

Popular Mental Health Bloggers with Depression

Mental Health Influencers

Bekah is all about empowering stressed women with resources that foster and nurture their mental health… so that they can thrive! As a mental health blogger, she shares some extremely powerful videos, like What Depression Looks Like, and How to Overcome Productivity Guilt.

“People with ‘high functioning depression’ dress well, put make-up on everyday, may meet you out for happy hour and laugh at your jokes but silently, they’re suffering. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, check on your friends and family. You never know what demons they may be fighting alone.” – Bekah, a blogger with anxiety.

Trending Influencers With Bipolar Disorder

Mental Health Bloggers

Hannah is a mental illness activist and influencer with bipolar disorder. As a blogger with bipolar disorder, she shares her story through her novel, the ‘Truth About Broken: The Unfixed Version of Self-Love’. She gets real about the reality of living with a mental illness and the various misconceptions that come along with it.

“Don’t stay back 100 ft.; do not ignorance keep you from becoming curious about people who are unfamiliar to you. Chose to walk in faith over fear and talk to real people, have real conversations. To every person with mental illness, you are seen, loved, heard. We will work every day to make sure you can live the life that is your birthright.” – Hannah

Thank you to all of these bloggers with anxiety and influencers with depression for being so transparent. What do all of these ladies have in common? Learning how to self-love and support themselves, while spreading love and hope to others who are suffering. These ladies are amazing, please give them a follow!

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