Best Pink Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets

Best Pink Kitchen Appliances That Make You Blush

If you are furnishing your kitchen and updating your appliances…. and you’re super girly, this is the post for you! Let’s say, you have an all white kitchen. Adding a pop of color would be darling. If you go with pink, I’ve done all the work for you! Add a pop of color to your living space with these best pink kitchen appliances and cute blush kitchen decor from Amazon.

Best Pink Kitchen Appliances That Make You Blush

Kitchenaid Mixer

Pink Kitchenaid Mixer

This blush kitchenaid is so darling. Of course, it is pricey, but it is a staple for any baker, chef, or kitchen fanatic.

Kitchenaid Hand Mixer

Pink Kitchen Appliances

Ready to add to your best pink kitchen appliances and pink kitchen decor? If you have the Kitchenaid mixer, you need the matching hand mixer.

Best Pink Kitchen Appliances

Pink Nutribullet

Meet the NutriBullet Pro Exclusive! This personal mixer is a customer favorite and comes in a bunch of different colors.


Pink Kitchen Appliances

These blush kitchen appliances, specifically this toaster, is full touch LED with pops of pink accents. It has excellent ratings and is a great option for under $50.

Best Blush Kitchen Appliances
Food Scale

Blush Food Scale

This food scale is under $30 and has excellent reviews too! I love how compact it is and can easily slide into a drawer or cabinet.

Food Processor

Best Pink Kitchen Appliances That Make You Blush

Another best pink kitchen appliance! This is a Cuisinart food processor, and therefore, you know the quality is there. This pink is a little lighter than the other appliances, but still super cute!

Best Pink Kitchen Appliances
Waffle Maker

Blush Waffle Maker

How cute is this waffle maker? It even comes in different molds, like bunnies and hearts!

Icecream Maker

Blush Food Processor

This icecream maker is another best blush kitchen appliance! It has over 14,000 five star reviews. You can easily whip up some desserts like ice cream sundaes and yogurt!

Best Blush Kitchen Tools
Tea Kettle

Pink Tea Kettle


Best Pink Kitchen Appliances That Make You Blush

Airfryers have made a major comeback recently, and this one in particular is a crowd favorite from Amazon.

Best Pink Kitchen Appliances
Rice Cooker

Blush Kitchen Appliances

This rice cooker does more than cook rice. You can whip up a stew, soup, or pasta in it!

Coffee Pot – Keurig

Pink Kitchen Appliances

This is the most affordable Keurig, one cup serving. And the color options are so cute! This is one of my favorite blush kitchen appliances!

Best Pink Kitchen Appliances

I would love to have my whole kitchen be blush. How fun would that be? Which of these pink appliances and blush appliances are your favorites?

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