Best Bar Carts Under $100

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You know you are an adult once you start shopping for a cart to hold your liquor and wine! They straddle the line between decor and furniture, and serve a purpose way beyond storing libations! Since they are on wheels, you can roll them around just about anywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes, with varying storage capabilities. These are the best bar carts for cheap under $100 perfect for wine, hard alcohol, and beer from Walmart, Amazon, and Target? There are so many to choose from, but I got you covered. Consider one of these for your living area, bedroom, or kitchen!

Best Bar Carts Under $100

Kitchen Island

Cute Portable Counter

These best bar carts for cheap under $100 are absolutely gorgeous! With the faux marble top and beautiful white color, it rolls around easily with both shelves and drawers. It is my number one pick! You could spray paint the wheels if you would like!

Mini Version

Mobile Stands for Bar Items

This mini bar cart is a lot smaller than the others, so it is perfect for an apartment or smaller condo! It is basic, but also adds a pop of gold to surrounding areas. You can also spray paint the wheels on this one too.

Best Bar Carts For Cheap
South Shore

Best Bar Carts

Thes bar carts under $100 are absolutely gorgeous! It has marble tops and shelves, giving it a very modern feel. It provides a place to store all of your wine and alcohol essentials, while adding to the overall ambiance of the room.


Cheap Bar Carts

This rustic bar cart is great for rustic homes with the wooden feel to both shelves. I love that it has the opportunity for hanging glasses and wine bottles. So fabulous!

Best Bar Carts Under $100

Home Decor

I absolutely adore these cheap best bar carts with their gold accents. It is lightweight and easy to move, with wheels and sturdy material. It comes with a wine rack and glass rack, making it optimal for all your alcohol or wine essentials.


Cheap Bar Carts

If you love black modern bar carts that roll around the kitchen, bedroom, or living room easily.. this is the one for you! I love that the wheels are also black (every little detail counts after all). It also has great reviews online, so it is customer approved!

Shopping for home decor and furniture is my favorite part of owning a home. Do you have one of these best bar carts for cheap? Does it stand out and fit nicely in your home? Share it with me!

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