Best Personalized Pre-made Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Personalized Cute Premade Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

You’re a bride to be and you have your bridesmaids in mind. How exciting! A fun tradition is to gift your bridesmaids personalized cute pre-made bridesmaid proposal boxes full of goodies. Think of it as a Will You Be My Bridesmaid box? Now it’s time you propose to them too.

Finding the right gift for your bridesmaids or maid of honor can be extremely stressful and time-consuming.  So instead of choosing just one gift, why not surprise your bridal party with an entire gift box of goodies?!

If you are up for the challenges, you can create your own personalized bridesmaid proposal box, selecting individual items from different sellers and packing them together into something sweet. If you want to save yourself some time, effort, and work (hey, you have a whole wedding to plan), there are a few sellers who offer personalized cute pre-made bridesmaid proposal boxes that you will love! I am sharing my favorite below!

Best Personalized Pre-made Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Kate Aspen Pink and Gold Will You Be My Bridesmaid Kit Gift Set

Personalized Pre-made Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

These personalized pre-made bridesmaid boxes are themed, so there are tons of options to choose from! I love the simple gold and pink or black and white, but you can customize to your heart’s desire!

Themed Personalized Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Boxes

This personalized pre-made bridesmaid box is gold and light pink, perfectly chic for any bridesmaid! Throw in a personalized card and you have the perfect will be you my bridesmaid box! Skip the plain ole’ white box for your bridesmaid proposal and go with something more unique! These full color themed box gift sets stand out in the sea of basic gifts.

Cute Personalized Pre-Made Bridesmaid Boxes
Asking Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Boxes

Will You Be in My Bridal Party Presents

Additionally, these are such fun personalized bridesmaid proposal gift boxes to either ask your besties or thank them for standing beside you! These boxes include everything you see in the photo (with the exception of the champagne) and are customized with their names for a very personal touch.

Pink Bridesmaid Blush Box

Personalized Pre-made Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Pink Blush Bridesmaid Box Sets are a cute unique way to ask your bridal party “will you be my bridesmaid? with some personalization!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Will You Be in my Bridal Party Gifts

This is a beautiful, personalized gift box, filled with handmade treats for your bridal party. It is a wonderful way to say, “will you be my bridesmaid” with this pre filled pamper gift box.

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