My Untraditional Love Story With My Happy Ever After

Untraditional Love Story
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So many of my girlfriends ask me… how did you meet him? How did you know he was THE ONE? When did you know you loved him? These have such complicated yet simple answers. So here’s Spencer and I’s untraditional love story!!

First of all, I had to kiss a LOT of frogs to find my prince. And not the cute, sweet frogs either. I’m talking about RUDE, NASTY TOADS. Anyways, I digress.

Our Untraditional Love Story

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Spencer and I met on the dating app, Bumble. Yep, I’m not afraid to say it! We met online, not because we are too lazy or socially awkward… but because he works as a police officer and has such crazy schedules and I myself, work 9-5 and run my business after hours.

Spencer was the first guy who asked me to coffee for a 1st date (not late night drinks or dinner – I see you booty calls). It was awesome! We talked for four hours and before I knew it, I had to go (think Cinderella and glass slipper status).

Untraditional Love Story

Fast forward two whole days, and we were on date #2. I fell in love with him on that date, because well, wine can do that 😂😝. KIDDING! But really, I told him I was going to marry him on that ride home. It was mortifying!! Like, who says that to a guy on their second date? Can you say ‘he’s never calling me again’? Instead, he looked at me and ever so calmly said, “honey I know.” THAT’S when I fell in love with him.

On our 3rd date, I showed up in a wolf hat because I knew that was his favorite animal. That’s when he fell in love with me. He then drove me to Ulta Beauty Supply to get lotion because my skin was so dry and I was super self conscious. HAHA.

Untraditional Love Story

On our 4th date, I brought him home to meet my parents and a group of friends. I got super sick that night (darn you vodka shots), so he nursed me back to health until 5am. When he went to Walgreens to get ginger ale, crackers, and fuzzy socks.. the checkout lady says “well, how long have you been married to this poor sick girl”? And the rest, I swear is history!!!

Anyways, here we are two years later. Imperfectly in love. We argue like cats and dogs sometimes, because well, we are both stubborn AF (I blame the Taurus in me). But our love is unbreakable – trust me – I once playfully threw a pillow at him and I swear it almost broke his nose. He still loves me. ANYWAYS, here is us. 

Update: Now we are engaged! October 17, 2020 <3

Couples Picnic
This sums up our relationship. Me being weird. Him playing it off cool.

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