5 Reasons Why You Need a Girl Gang

Why You Need a Girl Gang

It was until recently that I realized I needed AND wanted a girl gang. A bad a** group of ladies who are bound together by love and motivation to conquer this life together. I know what you’re thinking…. you’re doing it for the gram’ aren’t you Sonia? Yes, we take great pictures together. But it’s more than that. It’s more than just dressing up and taking selfies, or boomeranging your “cheers” of mimosas at brunch. It’s about community, support, memories, acceptance, fun, and more! Here are my top reasons for why you need a girl gang!

Why You Need a Girl Gang

  1. Community: A girl-squad is about creating a community of women, who can build eachother up when the world tries to tear us down.
  2. Support: Find a few like-minded gals who are open to sharing their experiences (especially the tough ones), and listening to your own. The truth is, many women do not have the support from their significant others, family, or co-workers… so that is where the girls-quad comes in!
  3. Acceptance: We all want to be accepted and loved for who we are. Not judged for who society wants us to be. We are quirky, we are sexy, we are wild, we are stubborn, we are all of these things and more. Find a group of gals who love and accept these attributes… who not only accept… but celebrate them!
  4. Friendship: This is an obvious one, but should not be overlooked. These gals are your friends. I’m talking… binge watch Sex in the City besties. They are here to gab with you about the hottie serving you at dinner or listen to you b*tch about work. Get dressed up, explore this beautiful life, and laugh together.
  5. Fun and Memories: Lastly, these fabulous females are here to live it up, make memories, explore passions, offer guidance, and more. Laugh, cry, commit crimes (kidding), do it all together. Have fun and create memories.

You Can Have More Than One!

I personally have a few different girl gangs. Firstly, I have my blogger girl gang (see below). I have my work girl gang. Then, I have my Bumble BFF girl gang. I have my high school girl gang. I have my Kardashian-online girl gang (yep, I’m serious haha). Occasionally I bring them all together and we have a blast… we make up this giant girl gang of all different walks of life. It is awesome, beautiful, and what life is all about! XO

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Why You Need a Girl Gang
Why You Need a Girl Gang
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