Cheap Designer Skincare Alternatives From the Drugstore

Cheap Designer Skincare Alternatives From the Drugstore

Skincare is so important, especially as I get closer and closer to my 30s (newsflash, I’m now almost 31!). I have some staple products like Tula, La Mer, and many more in my cabinet. But, I just cannot keep spending $100’s of dollars on these expensive must-haves. If you are like me and want to stay young forever on a budget, I have rounded up the best designer skincare alternatives from the drugstore that are perfect look alikes for favorite luxury products.

Cheap Designer Skincare Alternatives From the Drugstore

Ole Henriksen, $51

Alternative: Loreal, $16

Believe it or not, Loreal has the same active ingredients at a third of the price. As a reputable brand that has been around for ages, you cannot go wrong by substituting!

Sunday Riley, $105

Sunday Riley

Alternative: Ordinary, $9

Cheap Designer Skincare Alternatives

Additional great luxury skincare alternatives to Sunday Riley’s $105 price tag, are the Ordinary serum at your local makeup store. It has five stars for hydration and moisturizing capabilities.

Designer Skincare Alternatives

Farmacy, $58


Alternative: Bliss, $11

Cheap Designer Skincare Look Alikes

This resurfacing serum contains a unique six-acid blend of powerful glycolic acid, while not being too harsh on your skin. Let’s not forget the amazing fruit acids that hydrate ands smooth skin. This is one of my favorite designer skincare alternatives on the market!

Natura Biss, $170

Natura Bisse

Alternative: Superfood Vitamins, $25

Cheap Drugstore Skincare Alternatives

I know, I know. You’re rolling your eyes at the $170 price tag. I’m telling you, that is the holy grail of body oils. Cue the hefty cost. You can substitute Superfood’s Beauty Oil for a much more affordable (and quality) option.

Designer Skincare Look Alikes

Drunk Elephant, $50

Drunk Elephant

Alternative: Physicians Formula, $11

Affordable Skincare Alternatives

This affordable designer skincare alternative is oil-free serum. It is formulated with two forms of hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, skin-brightening Niacinamide, Vitamin E, Pro-vitamin B5, glycerin plus soothing aloe vera and licorice extract. It is perfect for everyone, no matter your skin type!

Tatcha, $68


Alternative: Bliss, $18

Tatcha Look Alikes for Drugstore Alternatives

This skin-brightening cream with vitamin C, B5 and shea butter has a airy texture that is also extremely moisturizing. 

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune on skincare to get amazing results. Some of these cheap designer skincare alternatives from the drugstore are better than their expensive designer counter-parts!

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