Hey Lady, Celebrate You! You Deserve it and More

Celebrate You

There’s two types of people in the world: those who revel in others’ accomplishments and those who begrudge others’ accomplishments. I constantly find myself reveling other people’s goals, milestones, and happiness. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. NOTHING! I am actually the happiest when I am celebrating someone else’s life. There really is nothing better than seeing the joy when your best friend launches their business; the overwhelming tears from your cousin when he proposes to his girlfriend; or your co-worker’s exuberance from buying a first home. You’re throwing baby showers, helping with bridal parties, organizing surprise birthday dinners, making elaborate toasts, helping friends move, etc. Why? You need to learn to celebrate you!

Learn to Celebrate You

There is something contagious about another person’s happiness and excitement, and it’s beautiful. You are the type of person that will go above and beyond to celebrate another’s achievements. That’s a hard quality to find in someone today, so please don’t lose it. But amidst all of that external excitement, there’s one person you cannot forget to celebrate: And that’s you!       You constantly travel with the moral compass of putting others first, but for now – throw that out the window (be sure there’s no one below you though, ha). Right now, it’s about YOU. You’re thinking, well that’s awkward … and kind of self centered. Why is it so easy to feel silly for celebrating ourselves once in a while? Are we asking for jealousy? Are we bragging? Is that selfish? No, it’s not. It’s actually necessary!

Celebrate Yourself

You don’t need to blast your paycheck on social media, or drive your expensively fabulous car up and down the street (if you even think about revving the engine, just stop). It’s not about showing off to others what they wish they could have or do. You don’t have to celebrate to anyone but yourself. Show off to yourself for yourself. Don’t belittle your accomplishments; don’t be afraid to celebrate them. Recognize all that is you.

Remind Yourself You Are Amazing

Personally, I cannot think of the last time I looked in the mirror and thought, “Girl, you are amazing. You have accomplished so much and you are a rockstar”. It sounds so ridiculous right? What if you haven’t accomplished anything that monumental? In fact, it’s even more crucial to appreciate the smaller milestones … the ones we overlook! For example, me launching this blog!  It’s simple, fairly easy, and I shrug it off as just another task I have created for myself. So then why do I celebrate others’ smallest feats, yet I am too critical to embrace my own?

In fact, why can’t we just celebrate the fact that we took a breath today? Or that we have regular heartbeats? Or that our legs allow us to run those seven miles? Why can’t we just celebrate our 20/20 vision? Or the fact that we pulled in five hours overtime this week? That we did not tell a lie? Or that we have been two days sober? That though the car we bought from our savings is old and dusty, you bought it. Or that you have gone 5 years’ panic-attack free (that’s mine)?

Celebrate You

Friends, I love how much we celebrate the important people in our lives. BUT, I really want you to celebrate YOUR life today and the positive steps you’ve taken thus far – no matter how big or how small. Don’t be reckless, don’t be selfish when you rejoice. Don’t throw confetti in someone’s face … unless they are into that. Channel Tim McGraw: “always be humble and kind.” Celebrate others with all that you are, but don’t forget to celebrate yourself too.

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