Best Candles That Smell Like Diptyque for Less

Best Candles That Smell Like Diptyque for Less

We all love the line of Diptyque candles. They make an excellent statement in the home of any fashionable, liberal, and creative guy or gal who has a great job. The problem is, they are over $50+… for a candle! I have rounded up the best candles that smell like Diptyque, Diptyque alternatives, and Diptyque look alikes. When you want to fold some laundry with a nice scent burning, use one of these inspired candles.

Best Candles That Smell Like Diptyque for Less

Diptyque Baies
Chesapeake, $10

Diptyque Candle Alternatives

According to, “the scent is vaguely described as a sunny afternoon in a French garden (cassis, green ivy, pear, rose) on Madewell’s site, This is eerily similar to Diptyque, describing their candle as the tangy coolness of freshly picked blackcurrant berries.

Diptyque Candles Look Alikes – Figuier
Voluspa, $30

Diptyque Inspired Candles

This candle smells like Diptyque Figuier. It has that same strong fig-scent that is both strong, yet not overpowering. It is reminiscent of the sweet air you typically get on garden-walks, mixed with the sweetness of newly blossomed flowers.

Diptyque Figuier Inspired Candles
Trapp, $30

Candles Like Diptyque

This Diptyque inspired candle has hints of Tuscan fig, melon, and blonde woods. It is absolutely gorgeous to both look at and smell!

Candles That Smell Like Diptyque
Amber and Moss, $20

Diptyque Candle Look Alikes

This specific Diptyque candle alternative has a mossy, woodsy scent with strong notes of sage and orange. 

Diptyque Candle Alternatives – Feu De Bois
Otherland Kindling, $36

Candles Like Diptyque Feu De Bois

This candle that smells like Diptyque’s Feu De Bois is meticulously crafted from wick to wax that will transform your space and vibe with clean scents.

Diptyque’s Feu De Bois Look Alikes
Boy Smells Cedar Stack Scent, $32

Candles Like Diptyque Feu De Bois

This warm, woodsy scented candle is made from a rich blend of coconut wax and beeswax. You will smell cedarwood chips and dried tobacco smoked with bay leaf and crushed peppercorn. Take me to the cabin!

Diptyque Candle Alternatives – Santal
Lulu, $20

Diptyque Santal Candle Alternatives

This Diptyque candle alternative smells just like the original with hints of jasmine, oud, and sandalwood. Under $20, these Lulu candles are a hit online!

Diptyque Candle Looks for Less – Vanilla
Woodwick, $30

Smells Like Diptyque

Vanille is such an amazing scent and I absolutely love this alternative from Pier 1.

Candles That Smell Like Diptyque – Rose
La Jolie, $30

Diptyque Candle Alternatives

I absolute love the rose scent of this candle that smells like Diptyque that you can find for under $30.


Diptyque Candles

As you can see, you do not need to spend a pretty penny to enjoy a designer inspired candle’s scent. Have you tried any of these candles that smell like Diptyque? Which one is your favorite?

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