Best Serena and Lily Look Alikes and Alternatives

Best Serena and Lily Look Alikes and Alternatives

We all want to have an elegant home that doesn’t cost a fortune. You can really spruce up any house with the right furniture though. My favorite brand right now is Serena and Lily, a gorgeous home decor brand. The only problem is a simple bath mat is over $80. Not exactly in my budget. I want to find something that looks similar without breaking the bank. Not to worry… I am sharing the best Serena and Lily look alikes and alternatives that are affordable looks for less for the chandelier, stools, bedding, and more!

Best Serena and Lily Look Alikes and Alternatives

Riviera Backless Bar and Counter Stools

Riviera Backless Bar and Counter Stools Look Alikes

The SAFAVIEH Kelsey Outdoor Patio Rattan Bar Stool with Footrest and the Riviera Backless Bar and Counter Stools both feature a coastal, relaxed aesthetic with a navy/white color scheme. They both use durable, weather-resistant materials like rattan and wicker suitable for outdoor settings. This Serena and Lily alternative emphasize comfort with woven seats and footrests. However, the SAFAVIEH Kelsey includes a backrest for added support, while the Riviera design is backless.

Looks Like Dot Baskets

Serena and Lily Alternatives

The DecMode Storage Basket and the Serena and Lily Dot Baskets share similarities in their use of natural materials and handwoven craftsmanship. Both sets of baskets are designed for stylish storage solutions, combining functionality with decorative appeal. They feature natural tones and textures that blend seamlessly with various interior decor styles. While these Serena and Lily look alikes emphasize a two-toned seagrass design with lids for concealed storage, the Dot Baskets often incorporate playful, dot patterns without lids.

Best Serena and Lily Look Alikes
Malibu Chandelier

Serena and Lily Chandelier Look Alikes

The LaLuLa Beaded Chandelier and the Serena and Lily Malibu Chandelier share a similar aesthetic, both incorporating natural elements and a bohemian, coastal-inspired design. They both feature wooden beads, which add texture and a handcrafted feel to the fixtures. However, the LaLuLa chandelier has a more rustic farmhouse style with its distressed wood beads and metal framework, whereas the Serena and Lily Malibu Chandelier often has a more polished, refined look. It is still one of my favorite Serena and Lily alternatives for their home decor.

Anguilla Rattan Coffee Table Alternatives

Best Serena and Lily Looks for Less

The Colmar Outdoor Wicker Coffee Table and the Serena and Lily Anguilla Rattan Coffee Table are similar in their use of rattan or rattan-like materials. Both tables are designed to be durable and weather-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use. They share a similar light brown color scheme that complements various outdoor decor styles. However, the Colmar table, a Serena and Lily look alike, is made of faux rattan, which offers the appearance of natural rattan with enhanced durability and easier maintenance.

Serena and Lily Alternatives
Barton Sofa

Barton Sofa Alternatives

The Jennifer Taylor Home Knox 84″ Modern Farmhouse Sofa and the Serena and Lily Barton Sofa share a similar modern farmhouse aesthetic. They both are characterized by clean lines, neutral tones, and a timeless design that complements various interior styles. The Serena and Lily alternative is upholstered in a beige fabric, providing a versatile and elegant look that can easily blend with different decor elements. They are designed for comfort and durability, featuring high-quality construction and materials. However, the Jennifer Taylor Home Knox sofa emphasizes a more classic farmhouse style, while the Barton sofa often features a more contemporary design.

Malibu Flushmount Chandelier

Malibu Flushmount Chandelier Look Alikes

The C Cattleya 3-Light Ceiling Light and the Malibu Flushmount Chandelier by Serena and Lily share a similar aesthetic. They feature wooden beads that add texture and a natural, bohemian charm to any space. Both fixtures incorporate a flush mount design, making them suitable for rooms with lower ceilings. They offer a warm, inviting ambiance with their bead-adorned structures. However, the C Cattleya light alternative features a gold finish that adds a touch of elegance and modern flair, while the Malibu Flushmount Chandelier typically showcases a more coastal, laid-back vibe.

Serena and Lily Looks for Less
Nautical Rope Arch Mirror

Nautical Rope Arch Mirror Alternatives

The Stonebriar Wall Mirror and the Nautical Rope Arch Mirror share a coastal-inspired design, featuring rope detailing that adds a nautical and rustic charm to any space. Both mirrors utilize natural rope elements to frame the mirror, providing a textured, organic look. They both serve as functional and decorative pieces, enhancing the ambiance of the room with their seaside aesthetic. However, the Stonebriar mirror has a rectangular shape, while the Nautical Rope Arch Mirror typically has an arched top, offering a different silhouette that can influence the overall look and feel of the space.

Cooper Leather Stool Look Alikes

Serena and Lily Look Alikes

The Sanford Iron Accent Stool and the Cooper Leather Stool share a commonality in being versatile, stylish accent pieces that can fit into various interior designs. Both stools are designed to be functional as either seating or decorative elements, showcasing high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. However, the Serena and Lily look alike features an industrial look with its metal construction. In contrast, the Cooper Leather Stool combines leather upholstery with a sleek frame, offering a more refined, luxurious appearance. The primary difference lies in their materials and the specific styles they cater to—iron for a more industrial vibe and leather for a more polished, sophisticated look.

Serena and Lily Look Alikes
Pescadero Tiered Chandelier

Designer Chandelier Looks for Less

The AloaDecor Chandelier and the Pescadero Tiered Chandelier share a similar coastal-inspired design, both aiming to bring a touch of elegance and beachy charm to interior spaces. They each feature multiple lights arranged in a tiered or layered structure, which enhances their visual appeal and provides ample illumination. Both chandeliers often incorporate natural or coastal elements in their design, such as organic shapes or materials that evoke a seaside atmosphere.

Bamileke Coffee Table Look Alikes

Serena and Lily Alternatives

The Safavieh Home Table and the Bamileke Coffee Table share a common aesthetic rooted in traditional and rustic design elements, making them both unique statement pieces for various interior styles. They each highlight intricate craftsmanship and a natural finish that adds character and charm to a room. The Serena and Lily look for less has detailed carving and a drum-like shape, drawing inspiration from cultural designs that emphasize artistic patterns and textures.

Best Serena and Lily Alternatives
Beckett Chair

Designer Chair Look Alikes

The OSP Spindle Accent Chair and White Linen Fabric and the Beckett Chair from Serena and Lily share a similar aesthetic that blends traditional and modern elements. They both feature elegant spindle detailing on their wooden frames, which adds a classic, timeless appeal. The use of white or light-colored linen fabric for upholstery enhances their sophisticated and airy look, making the Serena and Lilly look alike suitable for a range of decor themes from coastal to farmhouse to modern classic.

Topeka Mirror

Topeka Mirror Looks for Less

The Sinegal Wood Flat Wall Mirror and the Topeka Mirror share a common design aesthetic that emphasizes simplicity and natural materials, making both pieces versatile and stylish additions to various interior settings. Both mirrors feature wooden frames that highlight the beauty of natural wood grain, adding a warm and organic touch to the decor. They are designed to be functional and decorative, enhancing the sense of space and light in a room. However, the Sinegal mirror is the best Serena and Lily alternative due to its affordability and quality.

Serena and Lily Looks for Less
Ventura Chandelier

Ventura Chandelier Look Alikes

The SAFAVIEH Beaded Pendant Light and the Ventura Chandelier share similarities in their elegant and stylish designs. Both lighting fixtures feature beaded designs that add texture and a touch of sophistication to a space, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. They are both designed to be statement pieces that enhance the overall decor with their unique and eye-catching aesthetics.

Finding Serena and Lily look alikes allows homeowners to achieve a similar chic, coastal aesthetic without the premium price tag. Options like the SAFAVIEH Lush Kristi Beaded Pendant, the Sinegal Wood Flat Wall Mirror in place of the Topeka Mirror, and more exemplify how you can capture the same elegant, timeless look for less. These Serena and Lily alternatives offer the same blend of quality materials, sophisticated design, and versatility. Which is your favorite?

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