Best Quay Sunglasses Look Alikes and Alternatives

Best Quay Sunglasses Look Alikes and Alternatives

I absolutely love Quay Australia (pronounced KEY), because of their high quality, chic sunglasses. Every blogger is wearing them! However, they are slightly out of my pricepoint. I am an under $30 girl, because I tend to break or lose every pair I own. So, I have rounded up the best Quay sunglasses look alikes, alternatives, and looks for less that are affordable and similar to the original!

Best Quay Sunglasses Look Alikes and Alternatives

Don’t @ Me, $10

Quay Sunglasses Looks for Less

I love a good cat eye. These Quay sunglasses alternatives are much more affordable options for the $65 original pair. I love the shape of the lenses and the thickness as a whole.

High Key Fade, $15

High Key Alternatives

These Quay High Key Fade sunglasses look alikes are only $15 and have raving reviews. With the faded lens and the sharp aviator shape, you won’t be able to tell the difference (minus the logo).

Best Quay Sunglasses Look Alikes
High Key, $15

Quay High Key Sunglasses Look Alikes

One reviewer says, “So I ALMOST bought another pair of Quay High Keys but the $65 price tag stopped me and I thought “let me check one more time”. THANK THE LAWD I did because what time of magical sorcery are these made of that they look EXACTLY like high keys and they’re 1/4 of the price?” As you can see, reviewers are loving these Quay sunglasses looks for less.

Nightfall and Quay Hindsight, $14

Hindsight Look Alikes

These flat top Quay Hindsight sunglasses look alikes are only $14 and have over 3,000 five star reviews!

Best Quay Sunglasses Alternatives
Noosa, $15

Noose Alternatives

These medium size cat eye shades look just like Quay’s sunglasses, the Noosa! They have the sharp cat eye rim, with similar shape and angles!

Harper, $20

Quay Harper Sunglasses Alternatives

These Quay sunglasses alternatives are so darn cute! As you can see, you don’t have to drop $65 for a pair of sunglasses to get a desired design. Any of these Quay inspired sunnies are excellent purchases!


Quay Sunglasses

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a cute and affordable pair of Quay sunglasses look alikes! Which of these is your favorite friends?

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