Best Louis Vuitton On-the-Go Alternatives and Look Alikes

Best Louis Vuitton On-the-Go Alternatives and Look Alikes

If you are a fan of designer totes, you know the bags that represent Louis Vuitton. One of their most popular products is their square totes, also known as the On-the-Go! Crafted from the house’s signature canvas and adorned with the unmistakable monogram print, this tote features comfortable top handles and shoulder straps, offering various carrying options. The On The Go Tote is as much a statement of fashion as it is a nod to the brand’s heritage, with a spacious interior that houses a beautifully lined compartment, complete with pockets for organization. comes in both an MM and GM size, one is smaller than the other. Unfortunately, the tote runs over $2500! You don’t have to worry though. These are the best Louis Vuitton On-the-Go alternatives and look alikes that are affordable and high quality!

Best Louis Vuitton On-the-Go Alternatives and Look Alikes


LV Alternatives

This is a contemporary version of the designer bag that looks ultra similar tl Louis Vuitton. I love the floral pattern on the sides of these On-the-Go alternatives, especially the boxiness of them. The quality is unmatched as well as the fabric durability. You could easily fit everything you need in there!


Louis Vuitton On-the-Go Look Alikes

This purse tote, inspired by the allure of high-end luxury handbags, is designed for the discerning woman with a taste for elegance. It features a striking two-tone color scheme, with the front and back showcasing an expansive floral pattern for a distinctive, upscale appearance. You won’t believe how beautiful these Louis Vuitton On-the-Go look alikes are. Similar to the black one shown above, the sizing and details are aligned with the designer original. It has over 100 five stars too!

Louis Vuitton On-the-Go Alternatives

LV On-the-Go Looks for Less

You are going to be shocked at this designer inspired tote, I promise! This versatile black tote bag is a true chameleon of style, serving effortlessly as a crossbody for hands-free ease, making it suitable for adults, young ladies, and students alike. For mothers on the move, it transcends its chic facade to function as a convenient diaper bag. It has similar light colored handles and a darker base with patterned flowers.

Tory Burch

Designer Inspired Square Tote

Tory Burch is another iconic brand that offers a few Louis Vuitton On the Go looks for less. These handbags are spot on in terms of look and feel to the designer original. The style and functionality of their Ella tote makes it a best-seller!

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton On the Go Bag

This is truly a beautiful bag, I just can’t fathom spending that much on a tote. That is why these might be some great looks for less.

As you can see, you don’t need to spend $2500 on a designer bag to get the look and feel of an expensive, high quality one. Which of these Louis Vuitton On the Go alternatives and look alikes are your favorite, friends? Share the links and I’ll add them to this post. Have a beautiful day!

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