Best Facial Steamer for Anti-Aging

Best Facial Steamer for Anti- Aging Like a Professional

Facials can be expensive. We all know that. Sometimes, we want to reap the anti-aging benefits of the spa at home, without a professional beautician (and high costs). Recently, I landed on the best facial steamer for anti-aging and blackheads at-home, the Aira from Vanity Planet.

Best Facial Steamer for Anti-Aging, Professional-Grade

Ready for this Aira Facial Steamer review? This facial steamer detoxifies and cleanses your face like the professionals, no matter your skin type. It clears your pores and encourages circulation. By keeping your skin moisturized, you can ensure wrinkles will stay away! I absolutely love using this steamer for its anti-aging properties!

Relaxation Spa Treatment

This therapeutic steam made of nano-sized water molecules that instantly work on hydrating and softening the skin’s surface, detoxifying your pores of impurities, and removing dead skin cells. This best facial steamer for anti-aging at-home uses an ion generator that enriches the water molecules, helping the steam penetrate and clean even deeper. You will have less pimples and breakouts!

More Receptive to Skincare Products

At Home Spa Treatment

With your pores clear, your skin will receive and absorb any serums and moisturizers better, penetrating much more deeply.

For an added bonus… You can add your favorite essential oil to de-stress and unwind. Overall, I give this best at-home facial steamer for anti-aging a 10/10!

How to Use the Best Facial Steamer for Anti-Aging

  1. First, remove all makeup and wash your face. You want to make sure your pores are clear and clean.
  2. Slide the compartment up and fill the removable backing with water to begin. To prevent limescale and preserve the shelf-life of the product, only use filtered (not tap water).
  3. You can also add 1 or 2 drops of your favorite essential oil into the foam bottoms.
  4. Plug the steamer in and press the power button on the front. Wait 2 minutes once the steam begins, for it to heat to its optimal temperature.
  5. Vanity Planet recommends positioning your face at least 12 inches (a ruler’s length) away, because the steam is hot! Also, it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes.
  6. Apply your serums or face creams and feel it soak in!!!
Best Facial Steamer for Anti-Aging Like a Professional

Is it Worth it?

Yes! Not only is it great quality and has excellent reviews, but with this link you get the steamer 55% off! This makes it under $50!

What did you think of my Aira facial steamer review? Have you tried the this best facial steamer for anti-aging?

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