Best Chloe Handbag Look Alikes and Alternatives

Best Chloe Handbag Look Alikes and Alternatives

Don’t get me wrong, I love designer handbags as much as the next gal. One of my newest designer finds has been Chloe. Specifically, I discovered the Chloe Nile handbag and fell in love with it. However, I realized that I could not fathom spending over $2000 on the designer original, when I could get a Chloe inspired handbag for under $100. When I saw the bag, I was shocked at how much it looked like the real deal. But like 5% of the price. When you aren’t Kim Kardashian or a millionaire, luxury items can be just that. A luxury. Not to worry though! I found the best Chloe handbag look alikes, Pixie alternatives, and Faye looks for less that look similar to the designer original!

Best Chloe Handbag Look Alikes and Alternatives


Chloe Inspired Handbags

These saddle bracelet bags from Target are so cute. They are in fact a close resemblance to the Chloe Nile Bracelet Crossbody bag. With a bracelet to hold onto or the crossbody straps, this Chloe handbag look alike is so versatile.

Chloe Handbag Alternatives – Tassled
Tom Clovers Crossbody

Chloe Handbag Look Alikes

These tasseled Chloe handbag alternatives are actually available for under $40. The added tassel is a cute addition to the designer inspired handbag. Plus, it comes in an array of colors that you will love!

Chloe Handbag Look Alikes – Fay
Mellow World Portia

Chloe Handbag Look Alikes

This is a classic bag that doesn’t look gaudy or overly pretentious. Simple and matches with everything!

Chloe Handbag Looks for Less – Pixie Bag
Elliana Full Moon

Moon Bag

How fun are these circle bags? They are unique and remind me of the moon, just like the Chloe version.


Chloe Bag

I love the shape of this unique crossbody, mimicking the Pixie version of the Chloe handbag look alikes. There is some suede accents too, with button details. My favorite is the all black or navy blue. Which Chloe inspired handbags do you love most?

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