Walmart’s Launch of Free Assembly

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Free Assembly is now at Walmart and I could not be more excited for it’s launch! As a modern, chic brand, it is not only affordable but also environmentally conscious.

Walmart’s Launch of Free Assembly

What makes this brand stand out at Walmart? Here are just a few reasons!

Commitment to Sustainability​
Most of their pieces are 100% organic cotton or 100% recycled polyester.

Denim Done Right
Their cotton is organic, which avoids fertilizers and pesticides. It’s produced in LEED certified facilities that aim to protect the environment. It’s their way of minimizing their footprint while still producing fashion-forward pieces!

Low Water Impact Wash
Their pieces are washed using techniques that encourage reduced water usage​.

Fair Trade and LEED Certified Facilities
As mentioned above, their clothing is produced in facilities that aim to protect both the environment and the workers.

Trending at First Assembly:
Fun Patterns

First Assembly has so many fun prints for the summer season. I absolutely adore their two piece sets that have tribal themes. They make me want to getaway to the tropics!

Responsibly Made Denim

Remember, this denim is sustainably made which makes it even more appealing to me personally. It’s also that soft denim that you don’t dread putting on. 5/5 stars!

Flattering Rompers

These rompers are so flattering, many of them having a synched tie on the waist. A lot of times, rompers are very boxy and not fitting. However, these are perfect for any body type!

Fun and Flirty Tops

Free Assembly has the cutest fun and flirty tops (my favorite are their babydoll styles). I absolutely love that the brand offers both neutrals and bright colors in their collection.

Chic and Flowy Dresses

These summer dresses are so chic and flowy! Coming in both solid, bright colors or fun patterns, they are flattering on any woman!

Which of these trends is your favorite? Free Assembly is now available at Walmart. With standout summer styles, you will surely find something for your summer vacation or even just to lounge at home in!

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