Top San Francisco Bloggers in Bay Area

Top San Francisco Bloggers in Bay Area - Fashion, Lifestyle, and Beauty

All my San Francisco Bay Area girls say hey!!! If you live in good old Silicon Valley and are looking for a few ladies to connect with or follow, I have found the top San Francisco bloggers. No matter your age, size, or gender, you will surely love these awesome creatives that have a large presence in Northern California. There is truly so much talent here. You need like five jobs to own a home anywhere close to the hub of technology, so all of these ladies have full time job. Yet they still find time to excel at their passion on here. Amazing! I have rounded up the top San Francisco bloggers and influencers in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and Northern California for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

Top San Francisco Bloggers in Bay Area

@TaneshaAwasthi (Founder of Girl with Curves)

San Francisco Fashion Bloggers

I cannot think of a better role model for women in the Bay Area, and frankly anywhere. Tanesha is a San Francisco Influencer and she represents fashion for girls who are curvy. She loves promoting body positivity as both a woman and mother. Not to mention, she has over 400,000 followers that adore her! She is definitely one of the best SF content creators out there.

Top Bay Area Bloggers – Motherhood

San Francisco Mom Influencer

Anh, a top San Francisco blogger, is an amazing role model and trailblazer when it comes to fashion and motherhood. She lives in Tiburon and works as a marketing consultant. 9 to 5 Chic is her side hustle, and she is darn good at it!

Top San Francisco Bloggers – Travel

San Francisco Travel Bloggers

If you are looking for a gorgeous gal pal who loves to travel and enjoy life’s mysteries… you need to follow Shelbi! She lives a cruelty free lifestyle, boasting both bunnies and blankets are her true loves (I mean can we not relate?)! In fact, she recently traveled to Japan and I am obsessed with her content! She is one of the top San Francisco bloggers in travel!

Top Bay Area – Fashion

San Francisco Bloggers

Whoops, yes it’s me! As Sonia Begonia, I absolutely love talking about not only fashion and lifestyle choices, but mental health and female empowerment. I mix in my favorite outfits, makeup essentials, and designer inspired home decor. I don’t hold anything back, and you will often find me in bed with no makeup on watching trash tv. I’m just like the rest of us, and I know so many of you appreciate that. You will find it all at and I hope we become besties as soon as possible!

Top San Francisco Bloggers – Fashion

SF Influencer in Fashion

Ally Chen is a style, travel, food, and lifestyle blogger living in the big city. She has almost a million followers on Tik Tok and YouTube combined. She spends her time between SF and LA, so you know she has some great content!

It’s true what they say about the Bay Area. From technology to fashion to Facebook, California‚Äôs diverse Silicon Valley nurtures an incredible creative energy. It comes as no surprise that it has exploded with an array of creatives. From style to beauty creator, I think I found the best. And while, yes I did name myself… I hope that you will give these other incredible creatives as much time as you have given me!

If you are looking for other top San Francisco bloggers to follow, I highly recommend searching #sanfranciscobloggers or #bayareabloggers on Instagram. All of these amazing individuals are super approachable and relatable, so go ahead and reach out to them to ask about fashion, travel, style, etc. You will find tons of amazing and inspiring men and women! I hope you enjoyed this round-up, and please, share other bloggers with me. I would love to follow and support them! Ciao!

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