Best Rolex Alternatives and Look Alikes

The Best Rolex Alternatives and Looks for Less for Watches

Alright, if you want to talk about the best watch brands.. you know Rolex takes the cake. Their watches are absolutely gorgeous and have such an incredible reputation. If you are wearing a Rolex, you have both money and class. Naturally, I wanted one. I mean, who wouldn’t? Then I saw the price tag, and realized this is truly a designer brand. The most affordable luxury watch they sell is around $6,000 (and goes up to $100,000). Instead, I have rounded up the best Rolex looks for less, look alikes, and alternatives that look similar to and just like Rolex.

Looks for Less: The Best Rolex Alternatives and Look Alikes


Amitron, $39

Fancy Arm Candy

This is my favorite Rolex alternative! Amitron is inspired by American creativity and ingenuity, with classic designs. They make serious quality, fashionable watches that are both fun and accessible.

Rolex Inspired Watches
The Watch Edit, $109

Rolex Inspired Watches

This Rolex inspired watch is so beautiful and only $129. It has the same timeless design and quality for a fraction of the price.

Rolex Alternatives
Michael Kors Lexington Wrist Watch, $123

Fancy Jewelry

From jet setting adventures to the 9 to 5 grind, the iconic Lexington watch collection by Michael Kors provides luxurious style with a modern twist. It is one of the best Rolex look alikes too!

Rolex Look Alikes
Amitron, $49

Rolex Look Alikes and Rolex Dupes

This is a gorgeous stainless steel bracelet watch featuring gold-tones and cream dials. This is a little pricier than the other Rolex look alikes, but the five star reviews prove it is worth it!

Watches That Look Like Rolex and Rolex Alternatives
Amitron, $49

Watches That Look Like Rolex or Are Similar to Rolex

Another great brand, Amitron. These watches look like Rolex in the best way… quality not price! Which of these Rolex alternatives is your favorite? Do you own any of them?

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