This $20 Planner Will Help Me Achieve My Resolutions

$20 Simple Elephant Planner

In 2020, two of my resolutions are to lower my anxiety and be more organized. A major source of anxiety stems from my hectic schedule. The amount of times over-book myself, stretch myself thin, and are unable to remember my commitments is embarrassing (due to my scatterbrain). So someone recommended I try out a planner. But there’s sooo many out there right? Finally, after days of researching, I discovered Papercode’s Simple Elephant Planner and HAD to reach out. After receiving the product and exploring its pages, I realized that this amazing $20 planner can actually help me achieve both of my goals! The first four pages are dedicated to goals, affirmations, a vision board, and more! By completing these exercises, I am able to put my goals onto paper (and in my mind, it means they are real). You will refer to these pages A LOT.

Introducing Papercode’s Simple Elephant $20 Planner

$20 Simple Elephant Planner

What’s different about this planner? Each page is purpose-driven with reminders (a cute elephant icon scattered throughout the planner). This reverts you back to the early pages with your goals, affirmations, vision board, etc. You can ask yourself… am I still on track? Do I need to shift my priorities? SO helpful when it comes to the big picture.

$20 Simple Elephant Planner

Another fun reason? You can purchase Simple Elephant stickers too… to help you visualize your priorities and categorize even better. 

$20 Simple Elephant Planner

Okay, last reason (not really my last, there are just TOO many) why I love them. There isn’t any pre-filled numbers or dates. You can literally use this for any year! Easily available on Amazon Prime, you can get your $20 planner in 48 hours!

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And if that wasn’t enough, the founder Jen, has an incredible story of how she launched the brand (read it here). She requires that a percentage of the Simple Elephant profits are donated annually to well-trusted organizations who are dedicated to providing natural habitats and safe havens for elephant friends to live their lives undisturbed by poachers. DAWW! 

A simple $20 planner can help me stay on top of my schedule, keep up with goals, and hopefully, lower my anxiety! What are your goals, affirmations, and overall schedule for 2020 babes?

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