Free Assembly: Trendy Winter Menswear at Walmart

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I usually post about women’s clothing, but I am so excited that I get the opportunity to highlight some trendy menswear this year! If you have been following me, you know I am OBSESSED Free Assembly. They are a sustainable and chic clothing brand at Walmart that is extremely affordable. But now, they have a men’s line and I am stoked. I have rounded up my favorite pieces from their men’s winter collection!

Free Assembly: Trendy Winter Menswear at Walmart

Trend #1 – Layers

Free Assembly has a bunch of fun layering options for your man. Whether it is a puffer jacket, a vest, a shacket, or thick flannel, there is something for everyone’s taste. The best part is, almost everything is under $60!

Free Assembly Trend #2 – Flannels

I love Spencer in a good flannel! The brand offers a variety of manly and trendy tops that are perfect for layering!

Trend #3 – T-shirts

Sometimes our man wants to look comfy AND trendy. You cannot go wrong with a t-shirt. Free Assembly has a variety of styles and colors for everyone.

Free Assembly Trend #4 – Stylish Denim

Winter is for denim. This Walmart brand has a collection of blue, black, and white denim that is both affordable and comfortable for your man!

Why Free Assembly?

What makes this brand stand out at Walmart? Here are just a few reasons!

Commitment to Sustainability​
Most of their pieces are 100% organic cotton or 100% recycled polyester.

Denim Done Right
Their cotton is organic, which avoids fertilizers and pesticides. It’s produced in LEED certified facilities that aim to protect the environment. It’s their way of minimizing their footprint while still producing fashion-forward pieces!

Low Water Impact Wash
Their pieces are washed using techniques that encourage reduced water usage​.

Fair Trade and LEED Certified Facilities​
As mentioned above, their clothing is produced in facilities that aim to protect both the environment and the workers.

As you can see, I love discovering the best finds for both men and women! I mean, I have to dress Spencer cute too :D. Head on over to today and find an array of Free Assembly clothing perfect for every man! Let me know if you purchase any of these looks and tag me on Instagram when you post!

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