Cheap Dinners for a Family of Four from Walmart

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Cheap Dinners for a Family of Four from Walmart

Grocery prices have really skyrocketed recently, and it has become harder and harder for families to make healthy, delicious meals on a budget. Those days of supermarket deals on food are rare and far between, unless you find a retailer that offers low prices daily. That’s why I am sharing the best cheap dinners for a family of four from Walmart, my one stop shop for quality meals that my family loves.

Cheap Dinners for a Family of Four from Walmart

Chicken Caesar Salad (Under $10)

If you are in the mood for more greens, with a pop of protein… then try my chicken caesar salad as cheap dinners for a family of four!!! I love that Walmart has kits that speed up prep-time, but still taste like it’s made from scratch. Shop the recipe here:

Spicy Pasta Bolognese (Under $15)

I absolutely LOVE pasta, all forms of it. Whether it is curly, straight, bow tie, whatever!! That’s why my recipe for pasta bolognese is one of my favorites, and it’s under $15 at Walmart. Here are the ingredients I order from to make a delicious meal:

Cheap Dinners for a Family of Four from Walmart
Lemon Salmon with Tangy Quinoa (Under $20)

Sometimes, I am craving a lighter, healthier protein. That’s when I whip up this lemon salmon with tangy quinoa recipe from Walmart! The tangy quinoa is due to the sprinkle of balsamic vinegar… I swear it is so good and makes it taste a little more delicious! Linking the grocery items you need here:

Spicy Baked Chicken and Rice (Under $20)

If you are feeling a little spicy, I highly recommend this combo of spices on top of your baked or grilled chicken. Pair with rice and raw veggies. It’s my go-to this week!! Shop the ingredients here:

As you can see, Walmart has the best, affordable ingredients for cheap dinners for a family of four. The produce is always fresh, the meats are great quality, and I’ve never had a bad experience! The variety is always a 10/10 as well. Forget hunting for grocery sales and head to Walmart, where the prices are always low and the quality is always best!

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