Best Summer Activewear from Love & Sports at Walmart

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Best Summer Activewear from Love & Sports at Walmart

It’s summertime, and with the warmer weather comes the ability to workout outdoors! I absolutely love going for my mile runs outside versus on a treadmill, don’t you? And instead of wearing dark leggings and long sleeves, we can transition to bright color shorts and sports bras. If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe with some of the best summer activewear, head on over to Love & Sports at Walmart! They have a great selection of pastel workout fashion and accessories. I am sharing a few of my favorites!

Best Summer Activewear from Love & Sports at Walmart


If you love stretchy, comfortable leggings to workout in… check out my top picks from the brand. They are high quality and many of them are under $20!

Shorts and Skirts

These shorts are some of the comfiest and most lightweight I have ever worn. They are great for high intensity workouts, and feel sweat resistant. Not to mention, lavender is featured throughout Love & Sports and it’s my favorite color!

Best Summer Activewear from Love & Sports at Walmart

Best Summer Activewear

Every skirt, skort, short, sweatpants, or legging, has a coordinating top that would look so CUTE. That’s what I love about this brand, you are able to buy separate pieces to mix and match.


Lastly, these running/walking shoes also have bright colors weaved throughout their shoe collection. It goes perfectly with a few of their sets.

As you can see, Love & Sports at Walmart has everything you need to update your summer activewear for fashionable and fun workouts. Walmart always has the best selection, price, and quality, whether it’s fashion, home, beauty, and more. So, let’s get to shopping!

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