Best Designer Inspired Headbands and Look Alikes

Best Designer Inspired Headbands, Look Alikes, and Alternatives

Style and fashion are all about the details. I’m talking about the chic earrings that seem so minimal, but add a clean touch to the outfit. Or maybe the Burberry headband that ties it all together. Let’s stick to the headband. Designer headbands are going for $200+… for something you wear on your head! I put my designer hat on and got to work finding you some other options. These are the best designer inspired headbands for women that are cheap alternatives and look alikes.

Best Designer Inspired Headbands and Look Alikes


This print is so undeniably Burberry, don’t you think? You would think that this headband came right from the designer store itself! This set comes with a variety of color options, and I love that you can be budget-friendly.

Designer Headbands Alternatives

Designer Inspired Headbands

Gucci is one of my favorite brands ever! These designer inspired headbands remind me of them! I love the green and red headbands that are such a fun pop of color. The bug is a staple Gucci design, but don’t worry, it’s not infringing on any patents!

Gucci Accessory Alternatives and Look Alikes

Another more colorful option that is absolutely gorgeous. Also comes in a set of 6 pieces! The print is so unique and looks more pricey than it is.

As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a simple headband. These designer inspired headbands are under $20 on some of the best shopping sites. Start shopping girlfriends and share your favorites!

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