Best Cameras for Fashion Bloggers and Influencers

Best Cameras for Fashion Bloggers That Are Cheap

So you want to be a blogger… a fashion blogger perhaps? There is so much that goes into getting the perfect shot. Beyond the equipment, you need to have the training or at least practice! If your current iPhone just isn’t cutting it, I encourage you to try one of these best cameras for fashion bloggers that are affordable! All of them are great quality and available easily on Amazon prime with excellent warranties and free returns. You can even snag it in less than two days. Let’s get started reviewing them!

Best Cameras for Fashion Bloggers and Influencers

Nikon 3300

Best Cameras for Fashion Bloggers That Are Cheap

The Nikon 3300 has insanely perfect portrait performance. Even with the flash, there isn’t any sense of a red-eye! It is also the perfect entry-level DSLR for any beginners in the photography space.

Pentax K70

Fashion Camera

One of the other beginner-friendly, best cameras for fashion bloggers is the Pentax K-70. It’s excellent image stabilization helps to keep camera shake away with longer focal lengths. It has built-in wireless capabilities so you can upload your photos directly to your photo. It is by far the most affordable to get your feet wet!

Best Cameras for Fashion Bloggers
Canon EOS Rebel T7i

Best Cameras for Fashion Bloggers That Are Cheap

With a fast processor and a large 24.2-megapixel sensor, the EOS Rebel T7i Camera provides increased sensitivity and quick camera performance. The ISO range can be extended to ISO 51200, meaning that this camera can still capture clear images even in lower light settings.

Sony a6500

Best Cameras for Fashion Blogging and Lifestyle Blogging

One reviewer said this about the best cameras for fashion bloggers and influencers. “I’m a professional photographer and I’ve owned every Sony mirrorless camera since the NEX 5N except for the newest A9. In my experience, this to be an excellent little camera that’s good for an advanced hobbyist, backup camera for a professional, or a travel camera.” Photographers rave about how lightweight and portable this fashion camera is, while capturing beautiful images.

Best Camera for Fashion Influencers
Canon EOS 5D Mark

Canon EOS 5D Mark

This is the priciest camera, but for good reason! The camera’s ISO sensitivity is excellent, which means that even though you might see some grain and softness when shooting in lower light settings, there is no color noise, even at ISO 12800.

If you are on a budget, I recommend the Pentax K70 as the best camera for fashion bloggers and influencers. Since the base is much more affordable, you can spend extra money on a quality lens! If you aren’t on a budget, I would go with the Canon EOS 5D Mark! Which one do you use?

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