Best Anthropologie Furniture Look Alikes and Alternatives

Best Anthropologie Furniture Look Alikes and Alternatives

If you are on the market for some new pieces for your home, you probably have landed on Anthropologie’s website. It is one of my favorite stores for home decor. The only problem is the price. A simple coffee table can run you over $1,300 and a scallop office chair is close to $500! I am convinced that I can achieve an Anthro styled home for a lot less. These are the best Anthropologie furniture look alikes and decor alternatives that are affordable looks for less for mirrors, tables, and more.

Best Anthropologie Furniture Look Alikes and Alternatives

Tulip Chair
(Orig. $1,200 / Alternative $227)

Anthropologie Furniture Alternatives

The Round Swivel Chair and the Anthropologie Tulip Chair both feature a contemporary and stylish design, ideal for modern interiors. Upholstered in soft velvet, they offer a luxurious and comfortable seating experience. The unique petal-like shape of the Round Swivel Chair and the iconic tulip shape of the Anthro Tulip Chair provide visually appealing and distinctive aesthetics. Both chairs prioritize comfort with plush cushioning and supportive designs. Additionally, elegant details like the nailhead trim on the Round Swivel Chair and the sleek curves of the Anthro Tulip Chair enhance their sophisticated appeal. These are nearly identical, but the Anthropologie furniture look alike is half the price.

Fern Storage Cabinet
(Orig. $2000, Look Alike $999)

Anthropologie Cabinet Looks for Less

The Modway Nolan Storage Display Cabinet and the Anthropologie Fern Storage Cabinet both feature a sleek, contemporary design. They offer ample storage and display options, making them practical for organizing and showcasing items. The Anthropologie furniture alternative showcases a distinctive arched top and black oak wood grain finish, while the Fern Storage Cabinet typically features a refined, minimalist aesthetic. These similarities make them both functional and stylish choices for enhancing the organization and visual appeal of various spaces.

Anthropologie Furniture Look Alikes
Velvet Delowen Chair
(Orig. $400 / Look for Less $150)

Velvet Delowen Chair Look Alikes

The WestinTrends Furniture Velvet Accent Chair Seat and Anthropologie’s Velvet Chair both feature luxurious velvet upholstery that offers a soft, sophisticated feel. They share an elegant design with tufted detailing, adding classic charm and texture to their modern appearance. Both chairs are supported by stylish gold metal legs, which provide a striking contrast to the velvet upholstery and add a touch of glamour. These similarities make the Anthropologie furniture look alike a stylish and luxurious option for less.

Gleaming Primrose Inspired Mirrors
(Orig. $800 / alternative $200)

Anthropologie Primrose Mirror Alternatives

The Kate and Laurel Arendahl Arch Mirror and the Gleaming Primrose Mirror both feature elegant, sophisticated designs with intricate details. Each mirror has an arched top, contributing to a graceful and timeless aesthetic that complements various decor styles. Finished in luxurious gold, they stand out as statement pieces, enhancing their opulent appearance. Inspired by baroque design elements, the Anthropologie furniture alternative showcases ornate detailing and decorative flourishes for a fraction of the price.

Anthropologie Furniture Alternatives
Lacquered Regency Nightstand
(Orig. $700 / Cheaper $400)

Designer Dresser Looks for Less

The SAFAVIEH Galio Nightstand and the Lacquered Regency Nightstand from Anthropologie both feature an elegant design that combines traditional and modern elements. Each nightstand includes two drawers for practical bedside storage and is finished in a sophisticated white with gold accents. Their compact size makes them ideal for smaller spaces while still providing functional storage. This Anthropologie furniture looks for less is less than half the price, but is crafted with the highest quality materials. You cannot go wrong here.

Leavenworth Marble Coffee Table Look Alikes
(Orig. $700 / Alternative $200)

Leavenworth Marble Coffee Table Look Alikes

The Gold Coast Faux Marble Round Coffee Table and the Leavenworth Marble Coffee Table look-alikes share a similar elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. Both feature a marble-inspired tabletop that provides a luxurious look without the high cost or weight of real marble. They each have a sleek, modern design with clean lines, making them suitable for contemporary interiors. The Anthropologie furniture alternative incorporates gold or metallic accents in its frames, adding a touch of glamour and enhancing their upscale appeal. These similarities in material, design, and aesthetic make them comparable options for adding a stylish centerpiece to living spaces.

Anthropologie Furniture Look Alikes
Rug (Look for Less, $400)

Anthropologie Rugs Alternatives

The Off White Moroccan Lattice Tassel Area Rug looks like it could be from Anthropologie due to its bohemian-inspired design with intricate Moroccan lattice patterns and artisanal tassel edges. This rug features a neutral off-white color palette with subtle geometric designs, creating a versatile and sophisticated aesthetic that aligns with Anthropologie’s style. Additionally, the detailed craftsmanship and high-quality materials reflect the premium, well-made products often found in Anthropologie’s home decor collections.

Swirled Drum Coffee Table
(Orig. $1,200 / Alternative, $300)

Anthropologie Table Looks for Less

The Carolina Classics Krissa Round Wood Coffee Table is similar to the Anthropologie Drum Table due to its high-quality wood construction. It features durable and uniquely grained mango wood that mirrors the artisanal quality found in Anthropologie pieces. Both tables have a round shape, adding a soft, inviting touch to any room and enhancing conversational flow. Their minimalist, rustic designs highlight the natural beauty of the wood, aligning with Anthropologie’s focus on simplicity. It is a ten out of ten.

Brands like Carolina Classics, Safavieh, and Breighton Home provide pieces that capture the eclectic, bohemian, and artisanal charm of Anthropologie. These Anthropologie furniture alternatives often feature high-quality materials, intricate designs, and a blend of classic and contemporary styles. By exploring these brands, you can find beautiful, well-crafted furniture that echoes Anthropologie’s unique appeal, often at a more accessible price point.

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