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3 Pumpkin Patch Outfits for Fall

It’s officially fall and my blood type is PSL… I’m 100% THAT witch. Let’s give em pumpkin to talk about… yep. You’ve heard ALLL those fall puns I bet. The probably make you batsh*t crazy huh (okay last one, I swear)?!

I am an avid pumpkin-patcher… I go just to experience the corn mazes, rows of pumpkins, spice lattes, scarecrow trains, etc. Sometimes, I forget to buy pumpkins… whoops! Anyways, I’m sharing a few of my favorite pieces that are SOOO pumpkin patch worthy this season from Shop the Mint and Amazon!!

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5 Reasons You Need a Girl Gang

It was until recently that I realized I needed AND wanted a girl gang. A bad a** group of ladies who are bound together by love and motivation to conquer this life together. I know what you’re thinking…. you’re doing…

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SheSheShoes Is More Than Just Shoes

I grew up in the Bay Area and one of my favorite local boutiques for years has always been She She Shoes! They recently stocked up online, so you can order from anywhere. OH AND don’t let their name throw you off… they have SO MANY cute pieces beyond shoes. So let’s take a look 🙂

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